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Chamomile Lattes & Sailing Ships

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

“I have found in my experience that most troubles seem less troubling after a bracing cup of tea.”

--Mrs. Potts

The last couple weeks have been busy! I've been working on Book 2 in the Summoned series, AND we've actually left the house a few times for adventure. We took a quick trip to Portland and Cannon Beach, and the weekend before that, we stayed in a cabin down at the Hoh Rainforest that Trent built a few years ago for our friends. I even helped pour the concrete forms. As Trent said - "And it's even still standing!" Last weekend was kayaking around Lake Crescent, and I can hardly wait for another Forks weekend ahead. Three months homebound had me at a breaking point, and I'm so glad we got out of the house (of course, with appropriate social distancing).

Even an introvert like me needs to be around other people sometimes. Truth be told, I think I was hovering somewhere around situational depression. This isn't something we like to talk about, but it happens. My mind became my own worst enemy, but after getting out into nature and taking a break from social media, I'm feeling like myself again.

I've spoken with quite a few folks who are in need of some comfort lately, and I thought a recipe for a chamomile tea latte and a good playlist might help ease the nerves.

Let's take a deep breath, turn on some tunes, and meet back in the kitchen.

Chamomile Tea Latte


1 cup steeped chamomile tea (my favorite is Harney & Sons)

1 cup milk (I use Califia Farms oat milk)

1 tbs sweetener (honey is my favorite for this one)


1. Steep 1 cup of chamomile tea - this is roughly half of a healthy sized mug, if you don't like to measure things out.

2. Heat 1 cup of milk - I heat mine for 2 minutes in the microwave

3. Pour milk into a french press, and mix in the honey. Froth the milk by pulling the french press handle up and down rapidly (video).

4. Pour milk into your mug and enjoy!


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