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The Summoned Series

Book 3 


Hadley Weston has spent a year and a half yearning for the months she passed in the enchanting Pacific Northwest with the handsome and enigmatic Fitz MacGregor before they were forced apart.

When Hadley finds a note from Fitz inviting her to Paris, she knows she must go, no matter how dangerous it might be. But when they finally reunite, she discovers an unbelievable truth: Fitz is a witch, and so is she.

As Hadley navigates a new world of magic and invasive government officials, she partners with Fitz to gain control over her powers and recover a long-lost MacGregor family artifact, a ring originating in the seventeenth century witch trials in Scotland with the potential to endanger all of witchkind. As they rekindle their romance, Hadley and Fitz must work together to find the ring before it falls into the wrong hands.

Fans of A Discovery of Witches and The Magicians will be swept away on a journey of love, magic, and self-discovery in this love letter to travel and found family.

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In this breathtaking sequel to Summoned, M.B. Thurman leads her readers into an enticing new world full of magic, love, and secrets. For fans of the All Souls trilogy and The Magicians.

Just a few months ago, Hadley Weston was a PR consultant looking to reunite with her estranged lover, Fitz MacGregor. Now, Hadley has become a powerful witch and is leading a crusade to stop Dr. Lorenzo Belmonte from taking over human and witchkind. And they’ll have to step into the alternate universe of Opimae to do it.

When the Crusaders get to Opimae, they’re met with a magical world where witches roam free, faeries linger in the woods, and dragons soar the night sky. But things in Opimae are not as they seem. Between mistrusting witchkind governments, kidnapping attempts, and a possible spy in their ranks, Hadley and Fitz must find a way to win over Opimae’s rulers, keep their team on track, and stop Lorenzo before he takes over completely.

For more information check out the Summoned Series website.

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