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Hi! I'm MB. I'm a Texas-born author, who now claims Washington State as home. My husband and I have lived in Texas, Mississippi, and Washington. They each have their charms, but I'm happy to reside on beautiful Bainbridge Island, WA with my husband and our thirteen-year-old fur baby, Harriet. Harriet joined our family two years ago, and our lives are far better for it! We love the island life, though we take the ferry into Seattle most days for our 9-5. It's not such a bad commute, after all.


I have a BIG passion for well-crafted fiction, especially anything with a fresh perspective on magical creatures - particularly witches & elves. Think along the lines of the All Souls Trilogy and The Winternight Trilogy. I guess some of the best things in life come in three! Have a great recommendation for me? Please reach out - I'm always on the lookout for the next novel that will captivate me. 

A few other things to know. Black cats. Crisp fall days. Foggy, misty mountains. Moody PNW weather. Strong female characters. Scottish history. Tales of magic & folklore. Climbing mountains. Dramatic, cinematic songs. Excellent scotch. Large cups of frothy tea. These are just a few of my favorite things, and my current manuscript will prove it. If you're cool like me (I almost typed that with a straight face) and like these things too, consider "subscribing" below, and I'll notify you once my book is available. I would love nothing more than to share it with you! Well - that, and to have another Earl Grey latte. 

I know the internet is filled with all kinds of nooks and crannies, and I'm grateful that you took the time to stop by mine and read a little bit about me. Let's stay in touch! 



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