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Summoned Playlist Series - Hadley & Fitz

One question I've received regularly is what type of music I listened to while writing Summoned. The truth is the genres are all over the map depending on the mood, location, and level of drama found in various scenes. But the best way to share this information with you is to simply start sharing my playlists. And today I'm excited to do just that.

Each playlist will take you on a specific journey. As I considered where to begin, it suddenly seemed obvious - I should start with a love story.

Hadley and Fitz's playlist is a rollercoaster. We begin with the drama and heartache that accompanied their time apart before transitioning into tunes that reflect their relationship as it flourishes.

I hope you enjoy the music. I'd love to hear from you if there are specific songs that resonate with you or give you that "aha" moment - when you know exactly where you are in the storyline.

But without further adieu, here's the first playlist: Hadley & Fitz





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