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Summoned Release!

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Twelve years ago (this very month) I had just graduated college and had no idea where my life was going. I had studied English & literature and thought I might delve into the publishing world or be a writer or... do something literary with my degree, right? But times were tough. We were in a recession. Hiring was frozen in many places, and even internships were canceled. So, I picked up my laptop and wrote a scene that was playing out in my mind. It was vivid, and I just had to know what happened to the woman I saw in my mind.

Flash forward (through certifications, good jobs and trying ones, moving twice across different states) to me sitting in my apartment in WA State years later going through old documents on my computer, cringing as I read my writing from years past. But I found that one scene - the one that grabbed me all those years ago - and continued to write. I revised, rewrote, continued the story... and eventually decided the real story (the portion I needed to tell) began later in this woman's life. The original scene was cut from what is now Summoned, but it's what I credit with jumpstarting my writing career.

As of today, I'm a published author. My heart skipped a beat even typing that. This journey has been an incredibly long one, and it's been filled with hope, doubt, determination, and everything in between. I always imagined myself going the traditional route - landing an agent, finding a home with a traditional publisher, like Random House or Penguin. They'd release my book in bookstores all across the nation! But as it's been written "All that glitters is not gold." I found that to be true.

The road of traditional publishing is difficult to walk, and that's after you've found your way to the path. Ultimately, it wasn't for me, and I came to the realization that I could spend months (even years) trying to find the right agent to believe in my book, or I could just believe in it myself. I chose the latter path. It's been trying - and I've honestly had no idea what I'm doing most of the time - but with the help of other authors in the community, YouTube videos, blog posts, and more, I've found my way to this moment. With the support of family and friends, I didn't give up, even when I honestly wanted to do that. And I'm so glad I didn't!

So, without further adieu, here's the link to my book. I really, truly hope you enjoy it. Thank you for being a part of my journey. I'm still processing the fact that we're actually here, and I'm so happy to share this moment with you.

Forever grateful,


Purchase Summoned here.


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