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Summoned is out now!

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Out now: Summoned 

Genre: Fantasy, Romance  

Themes: Magic & Witchcraft, Romance, Self-discovery, Empowerment 

Paris in the fall is magic, but as Hadley Weston stands atop Notre Dame, the sensation of being watched washes through her. She wants nothing more than to feel normal, but with strange, life-long abilities - like reading minds - normal lies just outside her grasp. When Hadley reunites with her secret love interest, Fitz MacGregor, defying orders from governing officials that they remain apart, they are mysteriously followed, and Fitz must reveal an unbelievable truth: he’s a witch, and so is Hadley. 


After arriving in Edinburgh, Hadley and Fitz partner to solve a family mystery originating during seventeenth century witch trials held in Forfar, Scotland. But the further they dig into the past, the more dangerous their future becomes. When research leads them to a witch raising an army in a foreign world, Hadley and Fitz are forced to make a crucial decision: align themselves with a government they distrust or allow an evil witch to destroy peace between witches and humankind. 

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