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If you're here, there's a chance you love written language as much as I do. In eighth grade English class, I was assigned The Hobbit, and it changed everything for me. If I close my eyes, I can feel the warm, fuzzy jolts and the adrenaline--laced anxiety that came with my investment in Bilbo Baggins and his journey. It was the feeling of falling in love with literature. Chances are, you remember the first book you fell in love with too - the book that changed you in some fundamental way. 
As an author, I seek that feeling every time I sit down to write. I search for it in new books and through my own manuscripts. My goal is to give you something to hold through happy times, and in sadness. An escape. A home. A new family through my many characters. 
I hope you can stick around a while. If you'd like, I'll tell you more about me, share information about my latest project, connect through social, and entertain you through my blog. Also, a candle burns in honor of those who subscribe. Want to know what that means? Click here. Let's be friends! 
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Need more books in your  feed? Adventure? Tea? A semi-socially awkward author's journey? 


 I've got you covered. 

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